The Mission of the Tennessee Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (TIAAA) is aligned with the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) in that the TIAAA seeks to develop, enhance, and preserve the educational values of interscholastic athletics. 

The TIAAA serves its members by providing resources to develop and to enhance leadership skills and to offer opportunities for professional growth. In our role as a partner with the NIAAA we seek to promote a positive working relationship between our Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA) and state athletic directors and school administrators. Furthermore, the TIAAA seeks to enhance current and also develop new relationships with strategic alliances and partners who embrace the mission of the organization. 

The purpose of TIAAA shall be:

  1. To develop a more professional image for the administrators of athletics throughout our state.
  2. To create better unity and communication among all members.
  3. To improve the educational aspects of interscholastic athletics in the total educational program.
  4. To promote high standards of achievement and ethics in interscholastic athletics.
  5. To promote better public relations and sportsmanship between schools.
  6. To provide for an exchange of ideas and a better understanding of the administration of high school athletics.
  7. To recognize that the administrative head of the school is ultimately responsible in all matters pertaining to interscholastic athletic activities involving his/her school.
  8. To promote good will and fellowship among the athletic administrators of the same.
  9. To assist the school administrators in carrying out the rules and regulations of the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association.
  10. To establish and maintain a closer working relationship with related professional groups, i.e., the Tennessee Secondary Schools Athletic Association (TSSAA), the Tennessee Education Association (TEA), the Tennessee School Boards Association, the Tennessee High School Coaches Association, the National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association, and other organizations that are involved in athletic administration.


Thomas E. Fredrick Award of Excellence

2023 - Mike Ellson, CMAA, Nashville

Bruce D. Whitehead Distinguished Service Award

1980 - E.L. Hutton, Memphis

1985 - Bill Todd, Memphis

1986 - Gill Gideon, Hermitage

1988 - Crowder Chapman, Brownsville

2011 - Mike Kimmons, CAA, Adamsville

2017 - Paul Pendleton, CMAA, Bristol

2023 - Kelly Fish, CMAA, Brentwood

Frank Kovaleski Professional Development Award

2020 - Mike Ellson, CMAA, Nashville

NFHS Citation

1977 - Bill Todd, Memphis

1986 - Bob Polston, Knoxville

1992 - Gordon Perry, Brownsville

1998 - J. Richard Carroll, CAA, Kingsport